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Welcome to 

DOC Event Medical


Meet DOC - your go-to for reliable and experienced medical cover for all kinds of events! With a team boasting over 50 years of medical experience, DOC is the ideal choice for any medical needs.

               We are a Leicestershire-based company at offer full UK coverage  


About US

DOC can provide an excellent service for any occasion or event. Are years of experience and knowledge can ensure you can have a stress-free event.

We work on a variety of events and have worked in many different environments. 

We are a very diverse organisation and work closely with the community. 

 We are committed to provide safe, compliant medical support, to enable our clients to get the best quality service. 

Our Values

In order to care for patients, we have to look after each other and work seamlessly. Responsibility isn’t all on one person, it’s on every member of the team. This includes other agencies, clients, security and more.

Care before financial benefit (community benefit before own benefit) - it’s more than a job, we aren’t focused on being a money making machine, we want to be a organisation that focuses on compassion for the community.

 we have to ensure we look after ourselves and our families first. If our minds are elsewhere, for example, family concerns or you are unwell yourself. Then you won’t be able to give 100% to the patients. Supporting our staff is top priority, giving them the support and understanding they need.

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